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Donald Trump & the Rise of the Idiotarians

With just a little over three weeks left until the election, it is crystal clear to any and everyone with a clear eye and a grasp on reality that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States. 

I know it. 

You know it. 

Speaker Paul Ryan - the highest ranking Republican in the land - knows it.

Mega-donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers know it.

Even Donald Trump knows it. 

And just like you or I, Donald Trump can breath much easier possessing that knowledge. For truth to tell, Mr. Trump never, wanted - much less expected - to become the nation's 45th Chief Executive. What he did want, and does expect, is the creation of a movement, a non-theistic empire in which he plays a role combining the beneficence of a savior, the omnipotence of a Caesar, the selfless tragedy of a martyr and a global reach which makes William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, Charles Foster Kane and Tomorrow Never Dies' Elliot Carver [played by Jonathan Pryce - above at right] pale by comparison.  

Years ago, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard purportedly said "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be to start his own religion." That's just what he did; its called Scientology.  In Mr. Trump's case, his religion has  yet to find a name. I therefore humbly suggest that the religion - or movement -  which he has created should be called Idiotocracy, and his followers Idiotarians.  This would, of course, make Mr. Trump excors maximus, Latin, roughly, for the Supreme Idiot.

Idiotocracy is awitch's brew of anti-intellectualism, racism, xenophobia, shadowy anti-Semitism, sexism, fear-mongering and enough dog whistles to drive a pooch crazy.  While its Mt. Sinai is Trump Tower, its strategizing mentors and creators include:

  • The excors maximus himself;
  • The "Rogers" (Ailes and Stone that is);
  • Breitbart's former head Steve Bannon (who, more than a year before being publicly hired, proclaimed "I'm Trump's campaign manager");
  • Fox News' Sean Hannity, his mass media defensor in principibus (Defender-in-Chief);
  • Alex Jones, his coniurati in principes ("conspirator-in-chief"); 
  • The excors maximus' three his adult children.  

Trump freely admits that he does not read newspapers or books and that when not consulting himself, gets the lion's share of his world view from Fox News, Breitbart News, The Drudge Report, Alex Jones' Infowars and NewsMax. Not surprisingly, these sources allloudly proclaim that:

  • The 2016 election is rigged;
  • That the "mainstream liberal media" are responsible for all those women coming forth to "falsely testify" about Donald Trump's alleged predatory sexual history;
  • That a global cabal of "international bankers, corporate insiders and the Hollywood elite" are the puppet masters behind Bill and Hillary Clinton;
  • That both of them should be serving hard time - he for rape, and she for treason;
  • That Secretary Clinton is either drug-addled, dying or dumber than a bag of hair, and
  • That Donald Trump is all that stands between Western Civilization and its total destruction.

The above would be laughable if u\it weren't for the existence of Trump's beloved Idiotarians - the angry, under-educated nativists and ultra-conservative gun-toting white men and pathological Clinton-haters who thirstily lap up all his dystopian, psychopathic pronouncements, threats and "believe me" lies like alcoholics at an alehouse.  These are the folks that Secretary Clinton termed - somewhat inelegantly it is true - "a basket of deplorables."  Trump's scorched-earth-take-no-prisoners campaign strategy will likely destroy the Republican Party for good . . . which is not good.  Remember, in order for a representative Democracy to work, there must be a minimum of two effective, competing political parties. To only have one major, mostly united party standing alongside a handful of smaller religious and ideological "I-hate-the-government-let's-bring-it-down-and-start-all-over-again" factions, is highly dangerous, and does not bode well at all for the future of the nation. What Trump and his unholy disciples have so blithely and assiduously created is an America peopled with Idiotarians: a permanent cadre of angry, hateful, paranoiac populists who really, truly believe that Muslims and Jews, Hollywood and Wall Street, feminists and abortionists are coming to take away their guns, their Bible, their freedom, their country . . . even their lives.  It will now be up to the Ryan-led Republicans to figure out what to do; what issues will shape their post-election party and whether or not they will continue being obstructionists waiting patiently for 2020 instead of sucking it up and becoming willing collaborators and compromisers.  In short, will they be able to put patriotism ahead of partisanship - especially when their political label has become all but indefinable, not to mention indefensible? 

Trump and the other leaders of the Idiotocracy have set the stage for a permanent revolution of the disgruntled and credulous Idiotarians by convincing them that should their messiah go down to defeat on November 8, it will only be because the election was rigged by the forces of darkness. They can already perceive the devil's own sulfurous stench emanating from the likes of the Clintons, Sidney and Max Blumenthal, George Soros and the unholy Hollywood elite. (I wonder how many can give even a one-sentence i.d. of Soros or the Blumenthals, let alone state what makes them so "terribly powerful and malevolent.")

The rise of the Idiotarians will make the next four years as difficult and politically contentious - if notmore so - than the previous eight.  For just as Barack Obama entered the White House bearing a label marked "illegitimate," so too will Hillary Clinton.  In Obama's case, it dealt with the question of citizenship; of whether he was a native-born American and thus Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS.  In Clinton's it will be - from day one - whether she was legally elected; whether her ascension was only made possible by the machinations of a Satanic conspiracy.  And Donald Trump - who to a great degree was the father of "Birtherism," will likewise be the father of this next paranoiac bit of insanity.   While a majority of Americans will likely reject the notion of Hillary Clinton's illegitimacy, there will be the excors maximus' creation - the Idiotarians - who will continue the revolution against reality.  Likely, they will get their news and views from a yet unbornmedia empire that will proudly brandish the Trump label.

As for the Republicans, they will be left with the shards and slivers of a party which until recently proudly proclaimed itself to be "the party of Lincoln."  And to some extent, these shards and slivers are their own damned fault.  For they are the ones who - either through political cowardice or moral timidity - refused to clearly state that Donald Trump was a fraud, a megalomaniac and definitely not worthy of anyone's vote, let alone serious consideration.  But aside from the detritus which was once called the G.O.P., there is the far greater worry about all the committed Idiotarians who have seen their savior, their messiah, Trump trounced by what they "know" are theforces of absolute evil.  Already, there are dire warnings of "pitchforks and torches," of revolution and even assassination, of essentially tacking an enormous bull's-eye on the back of the next POTUS.  And if, God forbid, anything happens to Hillary Clinton or any member of her administration or party, Donald Trump will be culpable.  For it is he and his henchmen who have provided the explosive rhetoric and handed over both the detonators and the matches . . .

Will this be Donald Trump's gift to the future . . . his lasting legacy?

Beware the Idiotarians and the Idiotocracy, for with or without their excors maximus (again, "supreme idiot"), they are going to be with us for the foreseeable future.   

May Donald Trump's name be included in the pantheon of the worst, most nefarious con artists of all time: Canada Bill Jones (King of the 3-card monte men) Charles Ponzi, Ivar Kreuger (the "Match King"), and Bernard Madoff.    

Compared to them, Donald Trump is not only the worst; he is the most dangerous. 

And in his own words: "Believe me!"

Copyright©2016 Kurt F. Stone